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Technical supply / Exhibition services
With the booked exhibition space you only booked the naked space. All services as e.g. power supply, carpet, walls, rental furniture, stand cleaning can be ordered via the ServiFira online shop. In case you do not set-up your own individual stand we recommend booking a shell scheme booth.

Please read thoroughly the following information regarding the various order categories:


Please read the following information carefully to avoid additional costs on-site and transfer this to your set-up company if needed :

  • Stands which will have their own switchboard must provide a document that certifies that this switchboard has been approved by an authorized Catalan electrician. The German TÜV or other authorities are not accepted. Please note that this approval has to be repeated every single time the switchboard comes into use in Catalunya.
    ServiFira does not offer a certification service on-site.
    Experience of previous congresses in Barcelona have shown that it is very difficult and time-consuming to order the switchboard on-site in case the own switchboard should not be accepted. The power on the stand will only be switched on once the mentioned certificate has been shown to the hall master.
  • We therefore strongly recommend ordering the switchboards from the Fira.
  • Exhibitors that order switchboards via the Fira will not have to provide any certificate.
  • There is a differentiation for day-time and 24h switchboards. Please bear this in mind in case you are planning to use e. g. a refrigerator.
  • The ordered connections will be powered from 08:00 – 20:00.
  • If an exhibition stand requires more than 50kw (in total, either with one or more switchboards) it is compulsory to submit an electrical plan either to the Fira or Interplan in accordance with the regulations of the Department of Industry of the Generalitat of Catalunya. The approval of this electrical project will cost a fee.
  • The Exhibition hall has NO service channels. In the hall service points are evenly distributed approx. every 6m. Interplan recommends to to build the stand with a raised floor to cover the electric mains.

Check following information from ServiFira:

Electrical Power Flow Chart_Certification
FAQs Electricity

Power is connected 30 min before and disconnected 30 min after the event. 24h power switchboards need to be hired to avoid power cuts after the show closes. Also, at the end of the show, those exhibitors needing power after the official final power cut off, need to go to our customer service desk to request power extension.

It is possible that neighboring stands are supplied with technical connections from the floor opening that is not on their booked space but on other exhibitors’ space. To prevent this is not always possible. If that should be the case, no price reduction can be claimed.

When ordering switchboards with the Fira please bear in mind, that not all switchboards come with plugs. Some of them only come with circuit breakers. In the online shop and in the linked documents above you find PDFs illustrating the variously available switchboards. Make sure you order the correct one since exchanges of switchboards during set-up usually take a long time and will entail significant extra costs.

  • Evenly distributed water service points are located on the floor and we would therefore recommend the use of raised flooring to cover the water pipes. The diameter of the water pipe is 50 mm, we therefore recommend a raised floor of 70 mm.
  • Exhibitors/stand builders are not allowed to connect anything directly to Fira’s water supply.
  • The mentioned costs include water supply and hose installation on the point indicated on the technical plan to be submitted with the order.
  • If you need the Fira to connect an element you will have to order a water point per element and a “special connection” for each element to be connected.

Please ensure that the positioning of the required equipment is marked on the grid provided on the relevant form in the online shop. Failure to do so will result in the equipment being positioned at the official contractors discretion and relocation will be charged with extra costs.

Contact: rigging.granvianorth@firabarcelona.com

Max load: 150kg

Fira Barcelona rigging information and order form

Fira Barcelona Example Rigging Weight Project

Attention! If you plan a complex project with high weights, many motors and drops we strongly recommend to appoint a structural engineer to make sure your calculations are correct.

Please check the specific suspension point situation regarding availability, position, and max. load at your stand location with Interplan/the service provider before you start your design work, since not every rigging request can always be realized.
The provision of any fixing points for suspending items etc. from the hall ceiling is on request and not commonly allowed.
Please bear in mind the rules indicating the height restrictions when ordering suspensions.

ERS / Interplan cannot guarantee the feasibility of your hanging rigging structure. Check this directly with rigging.granvianorth@firabarcelona.com

! Fira specific information regarding rigging/suspensions

Basic regulations for hanging structures
All materials used must be certified as compliant with European Union regulations. The number of points depends on each type of structure and the loads specific to each pavilion.
When a hoisting system (block-and-tackle or powered hoists) is used, an additional safety cable is mandatory and must be used.
Points anchoring powered or block-and-tackle hoists to the structure must always be vertical and must be used with slings attached to the structure and a shackle attached to the engine.

The maximum heights for unbranded suspended elements indicated by the management of the venue (6m at ERS) must be respected.

Rigging services
In some cases, the location of the booth may determine:

– the need to use structures to adapt the space for anchor point installation, incurring an additional cost.
– the impossibility of installing anchor points.

We recommend the use of fabric ceilings with C1 fireproof certification and 40% to 60% mesh, so as not to interfere with the smoke detection and fire suppression systems. These ceilings must also be attached to a European Union-approved framework structure. All suspended wooden elements must be securely attached to a European Union-approved structure in such a way that the loads are evenly distributed. The anchor points or hoists will be attached to this approved structure.

As well as the structure type and load-bearing capacity of each center, the distribution of weight throughout the structure must be considered when deciding the number and location of anchor points for suspending it.

– Anchor points must be at least 1 meter apart.

– The maximum permitted suspended weight of rigging elements is 15 kg/m2, calculated as a proportion of the total suspended elements and the contracted floor area of the booth.

– No truss grid may have more than 10 manual hoists (block-and tackle/ pulleys).

– The maximum load of a rigging point is 1.50 kN (150 kg), including the weight of the hoist itself (engines, block-and-tackle, etc.)


Due to the continuing issues of unreliable WI-FI networks within the exhibition area at medical congresses, the ERS and FIRA Barcelona are taking the same approach as in previous years. Past experience has shown that, when multiple wireless networks are sharing the same airspace, all wireless users are susceptible to wireless (RF) interference. This can lead to loss of connectivity, slow network traffic and poor performance. In such a dynamic environment where events build up, open, close and break down in a matter of days, interference from wireless networks is a particularly acute issue.

Due to radio technology limitations, ERS and FIRA Barcelona have decided to focus on rules and communication to improve Wi-Fi global availability in the exhibition area and Industry Session rooms. You will find the WI-FI Policy here.

You may as of now order WI-FI directly via FIRA Barcelona. You will find here our WI-FI Policy.
Please read it carefully, and return a signed copy by email to FIRA BARCELONA (see below) – This is mandatory even if you do not require Wi-Fi onsite. Please make sure you return this signed form before 20th August 2022.

This year again, the free delegate WI-FI will be available in the entire congress center, including the exhibition. To ensure that the public WI-FI will not be interfered during Industry Sessions and the exhibition opening hours, the exhibitors and the organizer of an Industry Session must use the offer of the IT department from FIRA Barcelona.

Contact details:

ERS2022 onsite delegate free Wi-Fi – ERS_Free_Internet, The password will be: erscongress

Exhibition & Industry Sessions Wi-Fi contact:  internet@firabarcelona.com

Catering services

GastroFira Catering offers a wide variety of fresh and delicious food, including beverages and equipment delivered directly to your stand. Go to the online shop to place your orders!

Should you need a tailored catering offer for your stands, industry meeting rooms or industry lounges, please contact: 


Deadline for orders: 24 August 2022

Catering during build up and breakdown
Coffee, tea, refreshments, light snacks and sandwiches during build-up and dismantling times will be  available on a cash-only basis in a bistro in the exhibition hall. Please refer to the Exhibition Service Desk on-site for detailed information. 

Participant and exhibitor catering
Facilities include cafeterias and restaurants at the Fira and cash snack bars. No free catering will be provided.

Stand catering / External caterer
Exhibitors may distribute beverages and/or food from their stand. There is no exclusive caterer so you may bring in your own. However, we strongly recommend to book your catering services via GastroFira. If you bring in a caterer from outside it is compulsory to comply with the SAIA Food Hygiene protocol and submit the following authorization form (letter of commitment):


Any catering activities planned by the exhibitor must take place in the exhibition area and within the official hours of the exhibition. Sufficient storage and serving space must be planned ahead of time and must be within the rented space. These activities, which must be kept at reasonable levels, cannot take place in the aisles and should take place in a way that does not disturb neighboring stands and the overall appearance of the exhibition.

The ERS and Interplan reserve the right to cancel or stop such activities should it be deemed necessary, without incurring any responsibility or liability for compensation to the exhibitor. The exhibitor may not sell or prepare food on the exhibition stand.

Please bear in mind that every person including hostesses/baristas etc. in the exhibition needs to wear an exhibitor badge that can be ordered via Interplan. See registration section here.

Adequate disposal/garbage facilities need to be planned by the exhibitor within the rented space. 

Alcohol is strictly prohibited.

Local stand personnel / hostesses

Hostesses and stand personell can be ordered via the ServiFira online shop. Please bear in mind that every person including hostesses/baristas etc. in the exhibition needs to wear an exhibitor badge that can be ordered via Interplan. See registration information here.

Additional hospitality functions

The ERS would be grateful for notification of hospitality functions planned by exhibitors during the meeting in order to avoid any duplication in timing and to enable the appropriate briefings to be issued to meeting staff.

SCHENKER offers cherry pickers and working platforms. Please see the prices here

Contact: Thomas Ernst, thomas.ernst@dbschenker.com

Lockable shell scheme storage boxes placed in the exhibition hall can be ordered via: dtaneva@firabarcelona.com

The organiser is only responsible for the general cleaning of the exhibition hall (aisles and public areas) during the Meeting, not for the exhibition stand. Different types of stand cleaning can be ordered via the ServiFira Online Store.

Every Exhibitor will be charged with an obligatory flat fee for normal waste disposal during the set-up and dismantling time. The cost is 2,50€ per sqm. Additional waste like disposal of the wooden floor or bulky construction material must be ordered separately with the relevant order form.

The organizer does not allow the Exhibitor to put any waste in the aisles during the exhibition opening hours.

Prior to the opening of the exhibition and at the end of each day, the corridors in the exhibition hall will be cleaned. If exhibitors require stand cleaning or waste disposal after the set-up of the stand and during the event, please order this service via the webshop.

The ordered shell scheme stands and equipment will be dismantled from the beginning of dismantling Tuesday 6 September 22 17:30 pm on, please make sure to take your valuables with you.

All information regarding tracking and statistics you will find on the ERS webpage www.ersnet.org

Contact: Alexandre Delage, alexandre.delage@ersnet.org

(sample image)

There will be barcode scanners for lead retrieval available for rental. Click here to download the order form.

There will be an exhibitor service counter in the exhibition hall with a contact person from Interplan and the venue during set-up, dismantling and throughout the opening hours of the exhibition. The exact position will be determined at a later point.

Oliver Heinke
Mobile: +49 174 82 61 394

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