How to get there / Delivery and logistics

On the premises of the Fira Barcelona – Gran Via

Delegates and Exhibitors may enter the Fairgrounds at the Access North. The registration for both will be located there.

Vehicles of every description can enter the fairgrounds through the Gate 5 (North Access), from Carrer de l´Alumini, 08038 Barcelona.

Attention! Fira Barcelona only allows access provided all invoices for service orders placed with ServiFira have been settled.

Due to the surrounding residential neighbourhood noise in the loading bay is strictly prohibited between 10pm and 7am!

Click on plan below to access the corresponding ServiFira webpage with overview plans:

Time slots delivery / Loading / Unloading / Official logistic partner SCHENKER

In accordance with Interplan, the official logistic partner SCHENKER will organize the entire unloading/loading zone to accommodate the limited area of the hall and ensure effective handling.
SCHENKER will allocate time slots for both set-up and dismantling for unloading/loading of direct deliveries/pick-ups. Therefore it is mandatory to inform SCHENKER regarding your incoming and outgoing trucks at least 3 days prior to the date of delivery.
SCHENKER will reserve the time slots on a first come first served basis. This is valid for all vehicles which have to unload/load at the hall (by forklift and by hand), with or without requirements of SCHENKER logistic-service. Longtime parking is strictly prohibited.
In case you do not advise SCHENKER in time or the truck misses the allocated time slot, you may have to accept waiting time depending on the ongoing loading/unloading process in the loading area.

It is not allowed to bring your own forklifts. For safety reasons Schenker/RESA have the exclusivity on renting forklifts.

Please send all your pre-alerts (3 days prior arrival date at the latest) to:

SCHENKER Deutschland AG
Mr Thomas Ernst
Phone: +49 89 94 92 43 08
Mobile: +49 151 14 65 78 75

Dismantling Information / Return of empties via SCHENKER after the exhibition:

Please contact SCHENKER to arrange delivery time slots in order to ensure a smooth dismantling. Please note that it is impossible for SCHENKER to deliver all empty crates and boxes to the booths at the same time. This may take up to 2-3 hours in some cases. Please note that loading traffic in the loading courts is only possible outside of the congress opening times when no participants are in the halls. SCHENKER will start on Tuesday at approx. 19:00 with delivering the goods. Attention! The beginning of the dismantling time is often a very sensitive time for objects either being stolen or taken by mistake from neighboring stands. We therefore strongly recommend to make sure that someone from your stand team remains at the booth until your construction team arrives, your valuable objects are packed and/or security is ordered. Exhibitors will be liable for any charges occurred by materials remaining in the halls after the time mentioned above. In addition, they will be held liable for any resulting venue hire costs.

Access to the exhibition hall during set-up and dismantling / Constructor badges

Access to the Fairgrounds for trucks, vans or private cars, which are used for delivery of stand material only, is possible via “Ave. Carrer de l´Alumini” – Gate 5 / North access.

Constructor Badges

Contractors should register online at the new registration platform and print their badge at home or just have it ready in their mobile devices to access to the venue. It is easy to register people and one person can register the whole crew.

Please click here to see how the online registration works. The registration will be available from June.

Please be aware:

  • all contractors should have either their badges printed or in their mobile device every time they have to access the venue
  • ID check will be carried out at the entrances and therefore contractors are requested to carry the same ID document used for registration. Only Passports or European Union ID Cards are accepted.
  • Contractors badges give access only during build up and break down, no access during the congress days. For security reasons, identification badges supplied to stand personnel and stand builders must be worn at all times  during build-up and dismantling. There will be no admission whatsoever to unauthorized personnel.
  • Drivers need a contractor badge as well
  • Those who miss the registration process online, may go to the onsite Exhibition registration counter in the entrance hall North, the exact location will be announced

The access to the two loading zones on both sides of the Hall 8 is regulated with time slots arranged by the official logistic company SCHENKER (see details further up on this page).

As soon as loading / offloading is finalized, vehicles must immediately leave the service area. Please be informed that on the fairground there will be no possibility to park any cars and/or vans. Check parking information here.

The exhibition area is located in hall 8.1, which means on the First Floor of Hall 8. The hall provides several gates, which are sizeable for loading and unloading the van and 5 good lifts to get to the upper floor.

Please see the detailed information regarding the 5 good lifts here.

Attention! It is not allowed to enter the hall with any vehicle.

Truck Delivery Address

Schenker Deutschland AG
C/ Bótanica, 62
Feria Gran Via, Acceso 4
08909 Hospitalet (Barcelona)

Please see detailed SCHENKER shipping instructions, addresses and shipping / storage tariffs in following documents (the shipping instructions contain also the addresses without using SCHENKER services and warehouse):

For urgent questions please contact Mr Thomas Ernst via

We do recommend delivering either via SCHENKER or to the SCHENKER warehouse and have them deliver to your booth to ensure that your delivery really gets there. However, the service from SCHENKER entails extra costs. See further information in the SCHENKER documents above.

If you deliver with your own forwarder directly to the booth, please ensure that someone from your company will be there to receive and sign the delivery.

General information regarding vehicles mobility in Barcelona:

Vehicles with a foreign number plate:

If you are planning to come to Barcelona and its metropolitan area with a vehicle with a foreign number plate, you must register beforehand and check that you comply with the necessary environmental requisites. If your vehicle meets the requirements, you may circulate without restrictions. If your vehicle does not meet the requirements, you must apply for daily permits up to a maximum of ten permits per year to be able to circulate in the Barcelona Ring Roads Low Emission Zone.

Car parking / Truck parking

Car parking:
Parking open for ERS will be Parking “F”, which is just at the north entrance.
The costs per hour is approx. 3€/h.

Parking tickets per day for exhibitors are available on the ServiFira store.

Truck parking:
For trucks of all kinds, there are no parking spaces in and close to the fairground. Please use Parking Bellevitge 24h or Parking Iglesias 24 h. Check the maps on ServiFirapage above.


Overnight parking is not permitted within the venue. Vehicles that park overnight will be charged as above and extra penalty for 300€ per night and vehicle.

More information will follow soon

More information will follow soon.

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