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During the ERS International Congress 2022, a limited number of industry meeting rooms will be available for the exhibitors and sponsors.

All available Meeting Rooms are located close to the exhibition in Hall. 8.1 on the upper level. All rooms are soundproof.
Please refer to the ERS22_MeetingRooms_Location to see the exact location of each Meeting Room. Take a look at the virtual tour: meeting room area_Hall 8.1_virtual tour

Book your industry meeting room:   

If you wish you book a bigger meeting room please contact us.

Rooms may be hired for staff briefings, for meetings with associated professionals, such as speakers / investigators, and for small closed meetings. Companies may offer light refreshments to those attending such meetings.
Activities such as ‘Meet the Professor’ type events, scientific presentations, educational events or any activity that would detract from the ERS scientific programme or compete with other approved sponsored activities are expressly forbidden in these rooms.

The meetings must be at invitation only, with a maximum of 30 attendees depending on the room size. The meetings must not be promoted in any form prior to or during the congress.

  • Only a limited number of meeting rooms are available in the congress centre. These rooms can only be reserved through Interplan.
  • Meeting rooms can be hired for a minimum of half a day.
  • ERS has the right to modify demands as it sees fit to accommodate as many requests as possible.
  • Allocation process: The bookings will be handled on a first come, first served basis and according to the booked duration (full congress period bookings will be given priority). The allocation process will start in April 2022.
  • Signs and posters may be placed on the door of the rented room. There should be no other signage or promotional material around the congress centre.
  • All persons involved in the operation of meeting rooms must have a valid badge (exhibitor, active participant, press or day pass). Equally, all persons requesting access to meeting rooms must be registered either as active participants or as exhibitors. Persons without such a badge will not be allowed to enter the room. Outside of the official exhibition opening hours, only exhibitor badge holders are allowed to access the rooms.
  • ERS offers meeting rooms to companies requesting them, with a deadline for acceptance or refusal. ERS will assume that no response to the offer constitutes acceptance. Interplan will invoice the company on confirmation. Payment must be made within the given time or the reserved meeting room will be released. Cancellation of meeting rooms once the invoice has been issued will incur a 100% cancellation fee.
  • Interplan will only be responsible for booking meeting rooms in the congress centre. Thereafter, the hiring company is responsible for organising individual needs such as catering, additional furniture or other supplies, with the congress centre. Contact information will be sent upon request to companies that confirm room reservations.
  • Companies must abide by regulations stating the maximum amount of people who can be safely accommodated in each rented space.
  • The company renting the room is liable for any damages caused by the company.

Scientific symposia and promotional events

The ERS forbids the organisation of scientific symposia outside of the ERS International Congress, at any venue within the host city throughout the entire duration of the Congress as well as 3 days prior to and 3 days after the official opening and closing dates of the Congress, respectively. This rule also applies to ‘Meet the Professor’ type events, all events involving speakers presenting data or case studies, practical workshops and all educational events. Industry Sponsored Sessions will be held within the Congress on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Social events

Companies are permitted to hold breakfasts, lunches, dinners and other social events provided they do not take place during the following times:

  • The ERS Programme, from Sunday, 4 September to Tuesday, 6 September (08.00–19.30).
  • Members’ Evening and Assemblies Get Together on Sunday evening from 19.45

Additionally, we would like to make you aware that no events can be organised as part of the ERS International Congress at the same time as the ERS’s official networking events.
The networking events include the following:

  • Speakers’ Reception and President’s Reception Monday, 5 September – 20:00

Internal staff meetings

The ERS accepts closed meetings taking place outside the Congress centre for the purpose of internal staff briefing. For small closed meetings, board meetings, discussion groups, clinical findings meetings, meetings with investigators and speaker briefings for symposia, approval from ERS is not required unless the event is for more than 40 individually invited participants. These small meetings can take place during Congress programme.
Sponsors are entitled to host meetings for more than 40 participants for delegates they have funded to attend the Congress. However, these meetings cannot take place during the Congress Programme and must not compete with or dilute the value of the content of the ERS International Congress’ Scientific Programme. Programmes for such meetings must be approved by the ERS Office, please forward them to

Meeting rooms

Companies wishing to set up a lounge area outside the Congress centre for their guests to relax, work, meet colleagues, take refreshments, etc., are permitted to do so provided the lounges are not used for activities clearly forbidden by the regulations.

When organising events and meetings outside the Congress centre, please ensure that your meeting is approved by ERS. If a sponsor is found to be in breach of the regulations, ERS reserves the right to ask the sponsor to cancel or change the format of the meeting. In the unfortunate event that a company refuses to comply with ERS regulations, the company will be liable for a fine, the sum of which will be at the discretion of ERS. In addition, ERS reserves the right to exclude the company from participation in any future ERS events.

Please find the overview plan with the location of the meeting rooms here.

Access to the meeting rooms will only be given during the booked period. No additional build up or breakdown time is scheduled.

For full day bookings, the following timings apply:

Sunday, 4 September08:30 – 18:30
Monday, 5 September08:30 – 18:30
Tuesday, 6 September08:30 – 18:30

For half day bookings, the following timings apply:

 Morning slotAfternoon slot
Sunday, 4 September08:30 – 13:0014:00 – 18:30
Monday, 5 September08:30 – 13:0014:00 – 18:30
Tuesday, 6 September08:30 – 13:0014:00 – 18:30

The following is already included in the rental fee of your meeting room:

  • Tables and chairs in boardroom set-up
  • 50’’ LCD flatscreen with HDMI port
  • 1 paper basket
  • 1 coat rack
  • 1 extra table for catering
  • 1 double socket
  • Lighting
  • Cleaning

Technical information and Furniture:
If you require any additional equipment other than what is already included, please contact Nicole Pfirrmann from Interplan via

Ms Ariadna Mele (GastroFira) via

Order Deadline: 23 August 2022

It is, of course, possible to order after this date but delivery of some products may not be guaranteed anymore and a late order charge of 30% will apply.

The general ERS public WiFi is available in all meeting rooms. This service is intended for standard internet usage (surfing, checking emails, etc.).

If you need a conference telephone or a separate dedicated internet connection (wired or WiFi) please contact Nicole Pfirrmann from Interplan via

The rental fee includes cleaning once a day every evening. If you like to book additional cleaning services, please contact Nicole Pfirrmann from Interplan via

Contact ERS Industry Meeting Rooms

Interplan AG
Nicole Pfirrmann
Phone: +49 89 54 82 34 748

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