Payment and cancellation terms and conditions

Payment terms and conditions

The ERS consider the feasibility of holding a successful live event at the beginning of April and a discussion will be held with Industry sponsors accordingly. Sponsors have the right to cancel any contract relating to the physical aspects of the ERS International Congress due to ongoing situation with COVID up until this point. All contracts will clearly include clauses to this effect.

In the event that the ERS is forced to cancel the physical aspect of ERS International Congress in April all contractual obligations supporting the physical aspects of the event will be cancelled without cancellations fees and all funds invested will be reimbursed.

Occupation and payment of the booked exhibition space

The exhibitor, his/her staff, agents, employees and contractors may enter the building only at the time nominated to them for the purpose of stand dressing and fitting. In the event of an exhibitor failing to occupy their stand, the PEO has the right to re-allocate the space and all monies paid shall be forfeited. No exhibitor shall occupy their exhibition space in the exhibition until all monies owing to the PEO by the exhibitor are paid in full.

Please note that Fira Barcelona only allows access to the premises to your contract partners provided that all ordered service orders have been paid. Otherwise, payment has to be done on-site in order to get permission to enter.

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