ERS 2022 Exhibitor Service Center

04. - 06. September 2022 at Fira Barcelona Gran Via


The health and safety of our partners and delegates is our top priority.

We are closely monitoring COVID-19 regulations in line with the Spanish/Catalan Government and local health authorities and are working with all partners including Fira Barcelona to ensure your health is protected.
Measures around physical distancing, increased hygiene and cleaning protocol for safety on-site will be updated regularly on this sub-page.

Current Status as of 18 May 2022

The Spanish / Catalan  Government has lifted most of the Covid19 related restrictions.

The only measures that are still valid are the following ones:

  • Ensure hygienic and organizational measures to avoid covid spread

In addition it is recommendable but not mandatory (when possible):

  • Social distancing of 1.5m
  • All visitors should maintain the minimum physical distancing of 1,5 mt per person while eating and/or drinking.
  • to wear Facemasks in indoor and outdoor spaces

Catering outlets

  • The Government has just cancelled the requirement of the Covid Passport inside Restaurants and Catering outlets
  • There is no restriction on the capacities of the outlets
  • There are no other Covid restrictions in terms of catering except for the 2 measures indicated above (facemasks only removed when eating and drinking and hygienic measures)

Exhibition operations:
Oliver Heinke,, +49 89 54 82 34 39
Exhibitor registration: Mandy Philipp, Gitte Kink , +49 89 54 82 34 57
Industry meeting rooms / Lounges: Nicole Pfirrmann, +49 89 54 82 34 748

Exhibition sales / stand project approvals / general congress:
Kristof Kemp,
Symposia, Mini-symposia, Expert Forums, Morning Symposia: Fanny-Anh Le Hoang,
Practical Workshops & Sponsored items & Advertisement: Nicolas Luginbuhl,
Virtual congress related topics, tracking & statistics, press activities, Satellites & Congress updates: Alexandre Delage,

Official logistic partner, delivery time slots, storage, forklifts, working platforms, customs: Thomas Ernst,

General information regarding vehicles mobility in Barcelona:

Vehicles with a foreign number plate:

If you are planning to come to Barcelona and its metropolitan area with a vehicle with a foreign number plate, you must register beforehand and check that you comply with the necessary environmental requisites. If your vehicle meets the requirements, you may circulate without restrictions. If your vehicle does not meet the requirements, you must apply for daily permits up to a maximum of ten permits per year to be able to circulate in the Barcelona Ring Roads Low Emission Zone.

Set-up Times for Exhibition: 1 – 3 September
Exhibition Opening Times:  4 – 6 September 2022
Dismantling Times: 6 September starting at 5:30 pm after the end of the official congress programme

More information under “Schedule / Timeline /  Deadlines

Stand Equipment:
With the booked exhibition space you only booked the naked space. All services as e.g. power supply, carpet, walls, rental furniture, stand cleaning can be ordered via the ServiFira online shop. In case you do not set-up your own individual stand we recommend booking a shell scheme booth.


Construction Rules: The ERS specific rules and regulations, especially the construction rules may vary and are in most cases more restrictive than the rules of the venue. Please take this into account when planning your stand and activities! More information under “Guidelines, Regulations, Construction Rules, Stand Approvals”.

Rigging Projects: Please make sure to check the availability of suspension points and the feasibility of your planned rigging project at a very early stage with the local supplier in order to avoid surprises in case your specific requirements should not be possible. Neither Interplan nor the venue can guarantee the feasibility of your project. Contact:

Attention! If you plan a complex project with high weights, many motors and drops we strongly recommend to appoint a structural engineer to make sure your calculations are correct.


Exhibitors / Constructors which will have their own switchboard must provide a document that certifies that this switchboard has been approved by an authorized Catalan electrician. The German TÜV or other authorities are not accepted. Please note that this approval has to be repeated every single time the switchboard comes into use in Catalunya. ServiFira does not offer this certification service! Experience of previous congresses in Barcelona has shown that it is very difficult and time-consuming to order the switchboard on-site in case the own switchboard should not be accepted. The power on the stand will only be switched on once the mentioned certificate has been shown to the hall master.

We therefore strongly recommend ordering the switchboards from the ServiFIRA.

More information under “Exhibition Services

(sample image)

There will be barcode scanners for lead retrieval available for rental. Click here to download the order form.


Due to the continuing issues of unreliable WI-FI networks within the exhibition area at medical congresses, the ERS and FIRA Barcelona are taking the same approach as in previous years. Past experience has shown that, when multiple wireless networks are sharing the same airspace, all wireless users are susceptible to wireless (RF) interference. This can lead to loss of connectivity, slow network traffic and poor performance. In such a dynamic environment where events build up, open, close and break down in a matter of days, interference from wireless networks is a particularly acute issue.

Due to radio technology limitations, ERS and FIRA Barcelona have decided to focus on rules and communication to improve Wi-Fi global availability in the exhibition area and Industry Session rooms. You will find the WI-FI Policy here.

You may as of now order WI-FI directly via FIRA Barcelona. You will find here our WI-FI Policy.
Please read it carefully, and return a signed copy by email to FIRA BARCELONA (see below) – This is mandatory even if you do not require Wi-Fi onsite. Please make sure you return this signed form before 20th August 2022.

This year again, the free delegate WI-FI will be available in the entire congress center, including the exhibition. To ensure that the public WI-FI will not be interfered during Industry Sessions and the exhibition opening hours, the exhibitors and the organizer of an Industry Session must use the offer of the IT department from FIRA Barcelona.

Contact details:

ERS2022 onsite delegate free Wi-Fi – ERS_Free_Internet, The password will be: erscongress

Exhibition & Industry Sessions Wi-Fi contact:

Dear Exhibitors and Sponsors,

Welcome to the ERS 2022 Exhibitor Service Center! 

You can find all relevant contacts, information, regulations and ServiFira OnlineShop on this webpage.

Get familiar with the venue! Click here to start the virtual tour.

Check the ERS Symposia, Advertising and Sponsoring offers on the ERS industry webpage!

Attention! Please check the following Fira Gran Via Barcelona exhibitor rules and regulations here.

Please check also the general ERS exhibition regulations which you can find under “Guidelines, Regulations, Construction Rules, Stand Approvals“.

With the booked exhibition space you only booked the naked space. All services as e.g. power supply, carpet, walls, rental furniture, stand cleaning can be ordered via the ServiFira online shop. In case you do not set-up your own individual stand we recommend booking a shell scheme booth.

Please note that the information on this service center has to be considered along with the information already provided by the ERS on the ERS Industry webpage that is part of the exhibition contract. Please make sure to take all this information into consideration when planning your stand designs and activities.

Please note: At the bottom of every page you have the possibility to create a PDF, print or send an email of all relevant information on the pages.

In case you should have any difficulties finding the required information, please contact us.

We wish you a smooth preparation of your participation and are looking forward to welcoming you this coming September in Barcelona.

Your ERS Team
Kristof Kemp, Oliver Heinke, Nicole Pfirrmann, Mandy Philipp and Gitte Kink

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It is mandatory to register your constructors to receive constructor badges! Without the presonalised constructor badge access for set-up is not possible. You can access the registration webpage for constructor badges here: