Exhibitor list

The exhibitor list will be published later on this year.
Please click here for the 2022 Exhibitor List (please open in Google Chrome Browser).

Publication of your congress and meeting related payments
The fees for exhibition space and other promotional items that have been booked via INTERPLAN AG will be published provided you actively request this in writing via e.g. the tick-box on the order form, E-Mail/letter, or alternatively if you request this in your company specific sponsoring contract. Application to publish your data must be applied for each individual event/congress you book via INTERPLAN AG. We cannot undertake to assess the possible membership of your company in bodies such as FSA/AKG/EFPIA, and hence will not publish the mentioned fees automatically.

FSA rulings or rulings to be considered for CME certfication that deviate from this procedure take precedence.

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